Shark Power is My Power!

pin_417849671656455353Hello Everyone!

In order to follow an instruction of a real woman (which states): “If you come back, do it with style!”, I’m coming back to blogging with this “smiling” fellow guy from the first pic :).

You can think that he is horrifying, ugly and repugnant, but you are wrong! He has just become my friend – a true one: supportive and faithful. Who wouldn’t like to have one of this kind? Shark-friend that will always fight for you and so you become invincible thanks to him? Well, you are lucky if you have shark-friend around you. Be grateful! But so much more lucky you are if you have one within. Then congratulate yourself!

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Forest Medicine



Ada, Siberian Shaman, used to say that trees have 3 lives:

The “wet life”, when the tree produces leaves and fruit and grows. Then a tree should not be harmed or cut. There are very strict offerings and formulas you have to do and say, if you have the need to break this tabu: A specific chant/ lament to the soul of that tree, offerings of milk, tea and grain or flow.

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Shaman in A Mental Hospital


I dedicated a big part of my life to the service of others: poor, disabled, marginalized and unwanted. In some point I decided to redirect my life and I focused on intellectual research. I made MPhil (about Michel Foucault who was a philosopher but also a psychologist and the author of History of Madness) and short afterwards my spiritual quest has begun.

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Inner Sanctuary


Odette Nightsky – the author of ‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans view of Schizophrenia and Acute Sensitivity’  and a contemporary shaman – recommends to people on shamanic path to weave into their daily life such tools as: Inner Sanctuary Journey, Inner Child comforting and listening to my Inner Child’s Leeds, Recapitulation, Soul Retrieval, working with Animal Totems, practising meditation (especially within my belly, my heart and my feet), Mindfulness-Based meditation, breathing long deep relaxing breathes out, Voice Dialogue, embracing the different aspects of my personality, Calling my spirit into my body, Inner house cleaning (removing blockages in the body), Drumming and gratitude to the unseen, writing out my shadow issues in my journal without criticism and receptive channel (singing, speaking my spiritual lives, guides and totems).

Following her blog I will progressively try to discribe some of those practices. So let’s begin!

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My Mandalas

Jung-mandalaToday, instead of words, I want to share my “mandalas”. OK, these are not so much mandalas yet, since their form is not circular, but for sure it’s the expression of my “inner situation”. These graphics were born on the first day after The Winter Solstice. The Sun and The Moon were assisting in their birth.

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The obstacles to dance

FB_20151116_22_58_07_Saved_PictureI believe that it’s pity to stay attached to one particular system of believes or one way of conceptualization, of understanding the world. When we oblige ourselves to follow the word written or spoken by the others, it cuts us off the murmurs of our being. In the end we become fearful flock, whose members cannot hear the music of the blood pulsating in their veins. Unfortunately there are many who wants to persuade us that without them, without shepards, we are be lost. Eternally lost!

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My life with Wolves


I travel along with two beautiful friends now. (Not only with them, because the whole flock is there, but those two guys are especially important these days.) I come to them and we run playfully together through the meadows. They stay with me guarding me and watching over me. They have brought into my life their strength, their courage to break free, trust in the possibility to persevere in any kind of hardship and the power to heal.

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Overcoming fears


Two days ago I realized that something has changed. My anxiety connected with the practice of meditation has gone. After some time of pondering, receiving and taking care of this emotion it has passed away or rather it has been transformed into some kind of surety that everything is going well and I don’t have to worry about myself.

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